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Glider Supernova 60

SUPERNOVA Snow disc are produced in two sizes – 60 or 70 cm and in four different colour variations – black, blue, green and red. The load-bearing capacity is 90 kg for both sizes.

Integrated brake

Lean back to active it!

Speed lines

Lean left or right to turn

Ergonomic handles inside the perimeter

Available in 2 sizes 60 cm and 70 cm for adults


All products of the company Plastkon are made from UV-resistant plastics that are resistant to low temperatures (up to –30°C) and usual weather effects. Moreover, cadmium is not used for colouring plastics. The products comply with the strict ČSN (Czech National Standard) EN 71/3:1996+A1:2001+AC 2002 standards, Regulation No. 84/2001, and EU Regulation No. 1907/2006 and ČSN EN 1888:2003+A1:2006+A2:2006+A3:2006. Certification was carried out by the Institut pro testování a certifikaci, a.s. (Institute for Testing and Certification, Zlín;

You can download all of the certifications here.

Product parameters

EAN 8595096938082
Product code 41107880
Weight (g) 680
Length (mm) 600
Width (mm) 600
Height (mm) 100
Suitable age 3
Maximum load weight (kg) 90
Temperature max (°C) 70
Temperature min (°C) -30
Price per 1 pc €14.95
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