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Snow pusher 50


Dimensions: 50x141 cm, material: polypropylene (pp), rod: wood, blade: alu

from PLN 34.00
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Snow pusher 50 ALU


Dimensions: 50x145 cm, material: polypropylene (pp), rod: aluminium with pvc, blade: alu

from PLN 52.00
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Dolomite 50 ALU snow shovel black

50 cm Snow Shovels, Get Ready for Winter  

Dimensions: 50x129 cm, material: copolymer (pp copo), rod: comaxit aluminum handle: supergrip, blade: alu

price PLN 114.00

Armstrong 50 snow shovel


Dimensions: 50x133cm, material: polycarbonate (pc), rod: comaxit aluminum, blade: polyamide

from PLN 153.00
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